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Strojarska Towers (Croatia) by BBR Network Member BBR Adria


BBR is an all-encompassing organisation. We offer design, engineering and performance. Design includes consultancy from the preliminary stage to detailed design for installation of slabs which fulfil the requirements pertaining to properties and durability, with significant savings in all aspects.

Along with technical cooperation, we offer a high quality of services. Years of experience invested in designing and installation of pre-tensioned structures imply flawless organisational skills and timely delivery of projects and materials. All our equipment is regularly maintained and calibrated in order to ensure consistent and permanent quality.


Public limited company for special works in construction BBR Conex was founded in 1996. The main founder and majority owner was BBR Holding Ltd. from Switzerland, and Croatian co-founder was Conex d.o.o. from Zagreb. BBR Conex d.d. changed its name to BBR Adria d.d. in September 2008, when BBR Holding Ltd. from Switzerland and BBR Adria's management increased their share in BBR Adria from 67% to 100% upon buying shares from Conex d.o.o. BBR Adria is a member of BBR group which is present in over 50 countries throughout the world. BBR pre-tensioning system has been present in Croatia for more than 40 years. Application of BBR system was initiated in former Yugoslavia back in 1967, when the company Geotehnika from Zagreb bought licence rights to the BBR system. Since then, several tens of thousands of tons of high-value wires and strands were used for building bridges, viaducts, overpasses, industrial plants, tanks, sport venues and other structures.


BBR group's manner of work - with BBR Adria encompassing the territory of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and other former Yugoslav countries - facilitates even better application of products and services within the BBR system in the said territory. Furthermore, BBR Adria works on introducing new products and services, in order to apply them in pre-tensioning of bridge structures, stay bridges, business facilities, industrial and sport venues, and ground anchoring. Pre-tensioning in building construction is a new field in the application of BBR Adria's products and services. Beginnings of application of flat monolithic slabs were recorded in the USA and Australia back in the 1950s. Application of this technology in Slovenia started in recent years, and BBR Adria (former BBR Conex) successfully completed its first project - pre-tensioning of flat slabs in the multi-storey garage within Brnik Airport near Ljubljana, in 2004. In 2006 and 2007, BBR Adria (former BBR Conex) won the golden medal "Prva hrvatska kuna" for highest achievements in business, and it was listed among top 1% of Croatian companies.

BBR Adria

Želimir Bodiroga, CEO, emphasises the following: "BBR Adria is the main contributor to introducing post-tensioned slabs in the countries of former Yugoslavia, and it has many years of experience in all aspects of making post-tensioned slabs and other structural elements. We offer significant advantages to projects that we are involved in. As a member of international BBR Network, we have the resources and the ability to take over significant and complex projects. We are at the forefront of the latest global technological and professional achievements. Our references are the best evidence."