Superior tank & silo solutions

In 70 years of operation, the BBR Network has delivered an almost endless series of storage solutions with hundreds of water tanks, digesters and many other silos and shells in our portfolio of projects. Our extensive technical expertise in the construction of post-tensioned concrete storage tanks and silos covers a whole range of shapes, sizes and specifications.

Sugar Silo (Poland) by BBR Network Member BBR Polska

Water reservoirs

Members of the BBR Network around the world provide services which are vital to the water industry’s ability to supply fresh water for growing populations. The long term performance and structural stability of reservoirs can be greatly enhanced by taking a post-tensioned approach to their construction. The BBR Network has a track record of providing innovative solutions within the water industry, based on our leading edge CONA CMI and CONA CMM technology.

Tank R4 (France) by BBR Network Member ETIC

Waste water treatment plants

The post-tensioning of wastewater treatment tanks has proved to be a fast, efficient and economical way of constructing new facilities. The CONA CMI internal and CONA CMM Single and Two/Four monostrand are the right choice.

Egg shaped Digester (Australia) by BBR Network Member SSL

Materials & foodstuff storage

Combined with a fast, slip-formed approach to construction, post-tensioning provides a speedy delivery to support industrial or factory expansion and upgrading programs – allowing the new asset to be brought into use at the earliest possible date. The BBR Network has gained extensive knowledge in the provision of PT services for any kind of tank – including clinker, cement, sugar silos – and can also offer support with related specialized formwork operations, such as slipforming and climbing formwork.


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