60 years in Geotechnics

BBR has over 60 years’ experience in the design and application of post-tensioning products. Since those early days, BBR has been trusted to provide innovative solutions to the complex world of geotechnics, including temporary and permanent ground anchors, high-capacity ground anchors for dams, PT bars and soil nails.

Victoria University (New Zealand) by BBR Network Member BBR Contech

Typical applications

Since the first BBR stressed ground anchors were used in 1951 to anchor the walls of the Maggia Power Station in Switzerland, BBR has continued to develop its technology to provide better and more innovative solutions for the geotechnics market. Typically, geotechnical applications include:

  • Retaining walls for large cuttings
  • Tieback of vertically excavated walls
  • Upgrading of dam structures
  • Stabilization of unstable slopes
  • Securing of structures below ground water level
  • Anchoring of tall structures such as transmission towers and wind towers
  • Anchoring of tensile forces for cableways or bridge abutments

Upgrading dam safety with world-record BBR ground anchors

Catagunya Dam (Australia) by BBR Network Member Structural Systems

Today, there are around 800,000 dams of diverse sizes and purposes worldwide. While they offer communities many benefits, it is widely recognized that such structures – should they fail – may present serious risks, not only to the safety of the general public, but also to national and local economies. Therefore, many governments around the world have developed regulatory frameworks for dam safety which are regularly reviewed to ensure the continued safe operation of the infrastructure. Recently revised standards relating to potential seismic events have prompted the upgrading and strengthening of a number of dams. BBR Network Members have carried out many of these projects using latest CONA CMG technology. In fact, BBR specialists have installed both the longest permanent ground anchors ever used, as well as the largest capacity permanent anchors, with breaking loads in excess of over 25,390kN!

CONA CMG Geotechnic

Find out more on our CONA CMG system, which is used the most for this application.