BBR Pin Connector stay cable connector system

The BBR® HiAm CONA Pin Connector is the perfect blend of strength and beauty, while at the same time it extends the inherent benefits of the BBR HiAm® CONA® family. The BBR HiAm CONA Pin Connector is a beneficial solution for stay cable structures where it is necessary to simplify the end connection detail or to have a certain rotational capability along a specific axis.

HiAm CONA Pin Connector

Pin Connector configuration

The pin connector anchorage integrates two ear-like anchoring plates to a main cylindrical body where the standard HiAm CONA Nut Head is threaded in. Each anchoring plate contains a hole through which the pin element is installed and the load is transferred from the stay cable to the superstructure through the clevis plate.

Main advantages

As well as aesthetical benefits, the BBR Pin Connector provides several important technical advantages:

  • The connection detail of the anchorage to the pylon is simplified. Such that the dimensions of the pylon might be reduced.
  • Bending effects due to service loads and wind actions that induce cable oscillations in the vertical direction are mostly mitigated through the rotational capability of the BBR Pin Connector.
  • Similarly, construction tolerances leading to vertical misalignments are also absorbed by the free rotational capability.
  • Stay cable installation might be performed by initial preassembly on site and posterior lifting or according to a strand-by-strand process depending on the project requirements.
  • The BBR Pin Connector with optional window on medium-to-large sizes allows for in-situ wedge inspection.
  • The same sealing detail used in the BBR HiAm CONA family, which successfully passed leak tightness testing, is incorporated in the BBR Pin Connector.


Stay Cable System - Elegance and Strength

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HiAm CONA stay CAD drawings

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